The Eastern Oltrepò Pavese Ecomuseum of vines and wine was founded in 2008 by the Unione di Comuni Lombarda Prima Collina (Canneto Pavese, Castana e Montescano) in order to exploit the natural and cultural heritage of these places. The importance of this agreement is strengthened by the relationship between neighbouring municipalities such as Broni and Cigognola. The territory mainly features vineyards and it is characterized by cultural and landscape features.

These lands holds traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation during the centuries. The memory of both ancient and traditional techniques and about jobs linked to the production of wine has been kept alive thanks to men and women who worked with passion in their vineyards. A cultural use of vine and rural buildings is an example to follow in order to re-launch viticulture, rural, wine and food tourism made by high quality and excellence of typical products..

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