am vendemmiaEverybody waited for September and the activity of the harvest of wine grapes. At first men and women hand worked or with the help of oxen, donkeys or horses. Later, in the half of XIX century, new machines were used to improve the development of production. Sometimes during the harvest, family workers weren’t enough and it was necessary to employ men and women from nearby villages.
Despite the work in wineyards rows being very hard and tiring, the peace of being outside, singing and laughing was appreciated by workers. The meal was based on bread, wine and water: sometimes it could happen that there were salami or lard. During the night there was the meeting in squares where each winegrower had the opportunity to taste wine produced by others, sharing advice, acknowledge and experience.
An important moment was the celebration of the harvest, winegrower had the opportunity to thank seasonal employees, who came from far to work in vineyard and to be host in farmhouse.

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