am tecnicheDuring the month of November several activities were made in vineyards, such as wine racking in barrels.
After the winter season, it was the time of pruning, a practice involving the selective removal of parts of a plant. Women collected wooden part left in their aprons called “sculason” in local language, in order to be reused. In fact nothing was wasted and for example wooden scrap was useful for  old stoves. Children followed all these vineyard activities step by step learning the art of pruning and giving their help to the families and communities.
During the "Easter Moon" there was the bottling, an handmade activity that was required to seal the bottles with the trademark cork.
In April vines sprouted. In order to obtain high quality wine it was necessary to select the best parts of the branches. In summertime it was time to cut the grass and also the activity of taking care of grapes; in August men were involved in the tilling of soil. An important moment was the grape harvest followed by the production of wine in all its phases, from pressing to fermentation in wooden washbacks.

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