The most common wine in Oltrepò is the red wine.

There is a “holy” habit in the families to set apart the good bottle of wine waiting for important events such as the born of a child or a marriage.

Sweet red wines were esteemed, for example Sangue di Giuda’s one. The production was very uneasy, but thanks to the experience of winegrower , these wines got high quality and excellence.

The lands of Eco-museum is made by an interesting tradition of production of wine D.O.C. Here there are the list of the most important wines produced in these territory:

  • Barbera D.O.C.
  • Bonarda D.O.C.
  • Buttafuoco D.O.C.
  • Sangue di Giuda D.O.C.
  • Pinot Nero metodo classico  D.O.C.G.
  • Pinot nero vinificato in bianco D.O.C.
  • Riesling Italico D.O.C.
  • Riesling Renano D.O.C.
  • Moscato D.O.C.

It is noteworthy to illustrate among them two important wines because of their history.

Buttafuoco. It is said that during XIX century there was a sailing vessel called Buttafuoco. Sailors were upset from dangers of the war and they decided to escape on the hills of Stradella. They got drunk drinking a red wine that in this occasion had been named in honor to the ship.

Barbacarlo. The Barbacarlo is named in this way since 1886, when it was mentioned in ancient land registry of Broni. The name came from the uncle Carlo’ one, a tradition and local patriarch of this municipality.

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